" Laura has an astonishing flair to identify skills, abilities and/or past experiences that enriched my application in ways that I would not have expected. I was so impressed with Laura that I called on her again after my admission to my 1st choice program to help me put together my CV and cover letters for my internship applications."

Karim H., INSEAD

"Laura was very quick to understand my personal history, unusual cultural background and technical career experience as an oil and gas engineer. She helped me identify and capitalize on my strengths as a candidate, articulate my story and bring out the best of myself in my essays. She also helped me realize what I truly want out of my MBA, something I was unsure of when I first started. Her knowledge of international schools is outstanding, her understanding of different cultures is extraordinary, and her editing skills are phenomenal. Her positive energy kept my confidence up during the entire process. And I got in! I can't recommend Laura enough."

Aalia R., INSEAD

"Having gained a deep understanding of me, Laura helped me find the best in my previous roles. Having stayed in my previous position for longer than I wanted I was looking at the role in a very negative way. Laura helped me put things into perspective and see the positive personal growth I had gained but had discounted heavily so far."

Varun K., Warwick

"You have been so very very helpful and incredibly patient! I was like Wow! Why didn't I realise I could actually bring in certain points which you helped me articulate so well! They're my exact sentiments but you really gave them a voice... Thanks!"

Consultant, INSEAD

Why Use Us?

Applying to business school can be a daunting task. Which schools are right for me? Do I have enough experience? How will they view my academic record? What about my extra-curricular activities? Who am I competing against? What are my chances? What can I really get from an MBA? With so much competition for a limited number of admits, how do I persuade an Admissions Committee that they should choose ME?

Access Education is your gateway to success. We bring unparalleled expertise to offer a specialized high-end service. Our highly-skilled consultants are top MBA's with senior-level executive experience and professional writing and editing skills who have served as admissions representatives to the world's top business schools.

We take only clients we believe belong at the schools they're applying to. We're passionate about what we do and focus on what we do best -- helping people achieve their academic dreams and succeed in their careers.

Access Education takes the mystery out of the application process. Even the strongest MBA applicants with all the qualities top business schools are looking for still face the difficult challenge of navigating the admissions maze -- and of organizing and presenting themselves so that their achievements and personality shine brightly and their application stands out from the crowd.

As Admissions Committees insiders, we understand that an MBA is not simply a goal in itself, but a tool to achieve your goals. We view the admissions process not as an essay-writing beauty contest, but as an active opportunity to learn about yourself, figure out your career and explore realistic ways to use your MBA as a tool to achieve your goals.

We partner with you to review and evaluate your personal and professional histories, your MBA plans, career objectives and admissions profile.

We'll help you develop a customized application strategy tailored to your individual profile and long-term career objectives and targeted to the schools of your choice.

We'll give you a steady stream of valuable feedback and advice as you develop, craft and refine your authentic story - and help make sure you get the information and insight you need put your best foot forward.

Get inside tips on what admissions committees are really looking for - and avoid the traps that can get you rejected.

We'll help you get the most out of your recommendations - and give you the confidence to ace your interviews. We'll also suggest activities and ways to position yourself before and during business school to help you achieve your loftiest goals when you graduate.

Access Education - Your Gateway to Success.

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