"It was truly amazing how she brought out my best stories to suit the school's 'personality'. My stories, my tone and even personality for the interview have never been so bold, candid and clear before. I have enjoyed working with her immensely."

Shruthi K., Interview Prep, Chicago Booth

"When I needed a CV for a high-level international specialist role, I realised that none of the CV-writing workshops could help me. I went to Laura for professional help. Within 2 sessions together, she transformed my CV to really do justice for my accomplishments. Ever since my CEO saw it, she's been raving to everyone about what a damn good job Laura's done!"

Mathia L., PhD

"Her precise, analytical approach helped me identify the areas to focus on in my appeal letter. She was very quick in understanding my situation and mapping it against her extensive experience in the education industry; the insights I received from her were of invaluable assistance in my succeeding at getting an interview and gaining admission. I highly recommend Laura as a professional admissions consultant who approaches her work with consummate skill and sincerity."

Dione W., NUS Law School

"Laura helped me understand what an MBA was all about and how I could benefit from it. The insights and experience she shared during the application process were invaluable. I especially appreciated her optimism and positive energy that gave me a lot of confidence."

Marion L., INSEAD, Scholarship Recipient

"A recent graduate and bonded scholar, I came to Laura for help positioning myself to get into top MBA programs when I complete my bond in a few years. Laura helped me identify gaps in my profile and strategies to address them over the next several years. She helped me work out an extracurricular and community service strategy to develop and showcase my leadership skills. She also showed me ways to begin cultivating relationships with senior mentors and to access stretch opportunities in my company. Most importantly, she had a keen sense of opportunities I would have otherwise neglected, and ways to make sure I take full advantage of them. After working with Laura, I feel really inspired and geared up to be on a fast-track!"

Shinan C., Financial Analyst

"I have written and rewritten my resume countless times over the past year, with the assistance of many friends. Laura was able to really deconstruct my 11 years of experience and put it into a format that reduced it from 4 pages to 2 pages, and now it is concise and to the point. She is wonderful to work with and I cannot say in words how grateful I am that I am now finally happy with the results."

Nhu P.

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Admissions committees expect your application to be an authentic expression of YOU. Access Education helps you find your authentic voice, and to craft your unique story in a way that will resonate powerfully with the school of your choice.

Different schools place different emphasis on the same basic characteristics. Some schools also have specialized expectations, or specific concerns to address as they strive to construct an appropriately diverse incoming class. All schools will consider your background based on a wide range of factors - gender, nationality, academic study and achievement, extra-curricular achievements, current position, career progression, age and experience, GMAT score, opportunities you've had, obstacles you've faced, and much more.

Your optimal positioning will vary according to your individual profile. Indian IT specialists, Singaporean bankers, Australian lawyers, Malaysian consultants, women, expatriates from mature or emerging economies -- all have different admissions challenges to address in order to stand out from the crowd.

Access Education tailors our service to your individual profile. We help you make the most compelling case to your target Admissions Committees that they should accept YOU.

Here's how we work:

Comprehensive Service

Comprehensive Service

Our comprehensive service is designed for applicants looking for end-to-end support. Your expert Admissions Consultant will guide you through the entire admissions process from initial planning to matriculation.

Essay Editing

We give you extensive feedback on content, style and grammar to help revise and refine your writing and produce essays that are articulate, clear and engaging.

Interview Preparation

We'll help prepare you for your interviews with proven interview techniques, real interview questions and a mock interview - and give you the confidence to shine.

Hourly Service

Hourly Service

Our hourly service gives you the flexibility to put our professional expertise to work for you in any way you'd like.