Interview Preparation

"It was truly amazing how she brought out my best stories to suit the school's 'personality'. My stories, my tone and even personality for the interview have never been so bold, candid and clear before. I have enjoyed working with her immensely."

Shruthi K., Interview Prep, Chicago Booth

Interview Preparation

Congratulations! You passed the first hurdles and are invited to interview. Access Education's experienced MBA admissions interviewers can give you an insider's perspective, intensive preparation & the confidence to ace this crucial step.

For some schools -- INSEAD in particular -- interviews are a critical part of the application process.

In our experience as alumni interviewers, we've interviewed candidates with world-class management experience, shining academic records, sky-high GMAT scores and brilliant essays -- only to reject them based on poor interviews. Knowing what an interviewer is looking for and interviewing with confidence can make or break your application.

Our experts have interviewed hundreds of candidates. We'll share inside information on what interviewers are really looking for.

We'll help prepare you with proven interview techniques, real interview questions and a mock interview. You'll get detailed feedback to make sure you're getting your key messages across effectively. We'll give you the confidence you need to shine!

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