Hourly Service
"I had already used a US-based MBA admissions consultant to edit my application essays, but wasn't happy with the result. Then I found Laura at Access Education. She really took the time to "bring out" my story. With her rich cultural background and her acute eye for what drives people, she could really pull out stories that I had skipped. She helped me clarify my "ambitious but achievable" range of career options, not just for my application but for my life after business school. I wish I could have engaged with her much earlier in the application process to realize her full potential."
Arjit G.

Hourly Service

Our hourly service gives you the flexibility to get professional advice on any part of the application process.

We guarantee you a predictable cost. We'll agree on a scope of work and an estimate of the time required to complete it. We'll then deliver the service we promised. If it takes more time than we estimated, you pay only for the amount originally agreed. If we need less time than we thought, you only pay for the time actually spent.

We'll put our professional expertise to work for you in any way you'd like.

Some common services include:
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  1. 1.Interview preparation

    Our experts have interviewed hundreds of candidates. We'll share inside information on what interviewers are really looking for. We can help prepare you with proven interview techniques, real interview questions and even a mock interview. We can give you detailed feedback to help develop your key messages and make sure you're able to get them across effectively. We'll give you the confidence you need to shine!

  2. 2. Single Essay edits

    Submit a single essay or your whole application. We'll provide you with detailed edits and feedback, either online, by phone or face-to-face as you prefer.

  3. 3. Story planning

    We'll sit with you to explore and evaluate your personal background, work history, career plans, accomplishments, examples, gaps or weaknesses -- any aspect of your story you'd care to examine -- and help you develop a winning strategy to present it effectively and compellingly. We can also review your ideas for any individual essay and advise you on an effective storyline and great illustrative examples to use - and those to avoid!

  4. 4. Career Planning

    We've helped hundreds of young professionals like yourself plan intelligent career moves. We can offer proven techniques to help YOU make your next move.

  5. 5. Long-Term MBA Preparation

    You want to get a top MBA, but don't yet have enough experience. We'll look at your background and experience and give you concrete advice on how to strengthen your profile substantially for when you DO apply.

  6. 6. Resume Writing

    We've reviewed hundreds if not thousands of CV's. While CV formats vary by culture, multinationals often have particular expectations regarding format, style and content for coveted high-potential positions. We'll help revise and edit your CV to make sure you're presenting yourself in the best possible light for the position you're looking for. We'll also give you tips on how to go after it - at no extra charge.

  7. 7. Rejection Letter Analysis

    What if you didn't get in to the school of your choice? We'll diagnose any weaknesses you might have had in your application or profile, and help you develop strategies for addressing them should you decide to reapply.

    8. And any other way you'd like to put our expertise to work for you...

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